4 Key Components Of A Good Ecommerce Site

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4 Key Components Of A Good Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce platforms have taken off in a big way over the last decade. Now seen as a direct threat to the high street – one that fits into our ‘convenience culture’, removing the hassle of leaving our homes to get the products we love – it’s officially the fastest growing retail market in Europe and North America.


This means there’s never been a better reason to build a great ecommerce website. Whether you’re selling physical goods or specialist services, follow these guidelines to create an online retail store customers will keep coming back to:


1. Secure Payments


Privacy and security are at the heart of many misgivings around online transactions. Your customers need to know they can trust you with their bank details, and that you can offer them more than one payment method.


Partnering with a reputable service provider ensures an alignment with PCI DSS standards, whilst giving the choice of Paypal over a debit or credit card will ensure payment goes through as smoothly as possible.


2. Dynamic Product Pages


A single, low-quality product photo, with minimal details to support it, will not leap out to the discerning consumer. The internet should be a playground for passion and creative energy, so benefit-led information, combined with a layout that catches the eye, does much more for an item’s sense of worth and appeal.


Taking images of your product from multiple angles, and contextualising it within a tasteful backdrop, can also make the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.


3. Customer Engagement


Ecommerce giants like Amazon don’t shy away from customer reviews, and for good reason: they encourage communication between your target audience, providing you with feedback that generates organic interest.


It might be hard to accept comments that a particular item isn’t performing well, but reviews can also put the spotlight on great products. Star ratings shed insight into what’s popular, so you can play to your strengths.


4. Fast Check-Out System


Time, as they often say, is money. Online, this is amplified to the nth degree – wasted seconds can chip away at someone’s willingness to stay on your site, when they could be somewhere else, rushing to their checkout.


For this reason, never make it mandatory for consumers to create an account before they can pay; they’ll just resent you for it. Trim the fat as much as you can once they’ve decided what they want. A page detailing inescapable shipping charges, for instance, has no real purpose if you can factor in the additional cost clearly on a full ‘shopping cart’ overview.


The ecommerce bubble is only getting larger, swallowing practically any form of retail in its quest for dominance. The scalability of an ecommerce enterprise is practically unlimited, but only if you appeal to our desire for neat, vibrant, and open sales tactics.


If things are taking off for your online business, partner with an IT and website maintenance team who will take care of your ecommerce capabilities. Contact Burwell IT to have a chat about your venture, and let’s see how your ecommerce platform can be enhanced and protected.

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