5 Reasons Your Computer Is Running Slowly

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5 Reasons Your Computer Is Running Slowly

‘Why is my computer slow’ must be one of the top Google searches that persist from year to year. Ironically, using the internet to answer this problem will take a while if your PC is experiencing sluggish start-up or load times. It’s a quandary that baffles casual browsers and businesses alike, who can be at a loss for what to do about it.


Since the subject will be close to a lot of hearts out there, we’re throwing our hats in the ring too, and we can suggest a response that won’t rely on trawling through forums when sloth-like symptoms afflict you. Here are 5 common reasons for your pain:


1. Too many files


Your computer’s memory is not an infinite cauldron of old Word documents and video clips. Filling it to bursting point with files, downloaded or otherwise, will have a serious toll on its general performance. Multi-media in particular can chew up huge chunks of your memory en masse. You need at least 5GB of hard disk space to improve performance.


2. Infection!


Viruses and malware are the bane of many a user’s digital existence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re naïve or well-versed in internet wiles; you may be susceptible to attacks from spam links, hidden downloads or completely out-of-the blue hacks from cyber criminals. These assaults can inflict all sorts of damage to your computer, and can ultimately slow down your device.


3. Outdated or corrupt drivers


If a computer is essentially a factory directing talents to and fro, drivers are the managers of the workforce, telling hardware how to run on a particular operating system. Video cards, DVD drives and the software that communicates with a motherboard all contribute to the overall speed. Failure to update them, or identify corrupted drivers, will keep you in the slow lane.


4. Competing start-up programmes


There’s so much to think about for the utility belt of programmes you want to boot up with your device. Skype, Steam, iTunes… these and plenty more require diligent work from your PC or Mac to get going. It can be a struggle when they’re leaping to life at once, especially if the processing power isn’t that great.


5. No reboots


Like people, computers can’t function forever in a perpetual waking state. Although most of us think nothing of leaving them on for weeks at a time, this can make it impossible for updates and system clearances to take effect. You should aim for a restart at least once a week, ensuring components aren’t being overstressed and blocked from vital maintenance.


We’re guessing a large portion of people reading this have encountered some, if not all, of these afflictions without quite knowing it. When a spanner throws itself mysteriously in the works, you can find solace in IT support that can iron the creases from your computer’s makeup.


Burwell IT is here to help – we offer 24/7 system monitoring, and can consult on and resolve any problem bringing your speed to a crawl. There’s a lot we can do for you, so get in touch today and enquire about our services, call us on 0333 121 4827 or emai support@burwellit.co.uk

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