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Planning for a Disaster

Disaster Recovery Plan It’s the stuff of Hollywood films, a meteor strike, alien invasion & swarms of locus! Admittedly, most of these are pretty unlikely to hit your business but recent years have shown us that floods, power cuts & supply chain collapse are highly likely for any business. How your business copes with any [...]

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IT and Communications

IT and Communications otherwise known as ICT (information and communication technology) is a role identified to unify and integrate certain communications such as, the Telephone, computers and wireless networks. The full use of ICT broadens to cover any product that will store, manipulate, retrieve, receive and finally transmit information electronically in a digital form such [...]

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5 Reasons Your Computer Is Running Slowly

‘Why is my computer slow’ must be one of the top Google searches that persist from year to year. Ironically, using the internet to answer this problem will take a while if your PC is experiencing sluggish start-up or load times. It’s a quandary that baffles casual browsers and businesses alike, who can be at [...]

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SUCCES – a six step plan to make your presentations memorable

Why is it that some presentations stay with us for a long time, while others we can scarcely remember on the way back from the meeting?   The SUCCES format is taken from the excellent book ‘Made To Stick’ by Dan and Chip Heath, in which they identify the 6 factors that make something memorable. [...]

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What To Expect From Your IT Support Service

IT support specialists are a dime a dozen. However, only a few manage to hit the level of service they’re promising, and the hapless business owner can be sucked into substandard fare that undermines their entire digital network.   So how can you sort the good eggs from the bad? Read on for the top [...]

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4 Key Components Of A Good Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce platforms have taken off in a big way over the last decade. Now seen as a direct threat to the high street – one that fits into our ‘convenience culture’, removing the hassle of leaving our homes to get the products we love – it’s officially the fastest growing retail market in Europe and [...]

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How To Build A Global Business From The Comfort Of Your Office

The world is more connected today than it has ever been; for small businesses that spells opportunity. Expansion into the prosperous markets of Asia, the Middle East and beyond were once grand dreams reserved only for multinational corporations. Now, a reasonable internet connection and a few carefully chosen resources are all that are needed to [...]

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Securing your data with Sophos Anti-Virus & Malware solutions

Sophos AV & Internet Security products offer industry leading solutions for home & business users. The heart of the Sophos products are the constant monitoring & live updates provided by Sophos Labs, which monitor millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points that come into the labs each day.   Burwell IT Ltd have [...]

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What’s Google Got In Store For The Future?

Tuning into this year’s Google IO, you’d be forgiven for wondering if you’d mistakenly stumbled upon the live stream of a music festival. Set in a mammoth outdoor amphitheatre with a production worthy of a Glastonbury headliner, the tech giant unveiled their vision of the future for both consumers and businesses.   A case of [...]

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