Tracking your gadgets

We keep all sorts of information on our laptops & devices. Much of it we wouldn’t want others to access. So what happens if someone steals your smartphone or laptop/tablet. Chances are, they will find it relatively easy to crack a password & then they have access to all your personal data. In an ideal [...]

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The importance of IT Project Management

There is one thing we can guarantee at Burwell IT. If you don’t plan your IT, it will eventually turn round & bite your business hard. The problems may not be obvious straight away but small issues can manifest into major problems down the line. In some cases it can cause a business to fold. [...]

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Quick guide to Business Backups

Being honest there are hundreds of methods & utilities to back-up your data. There isn’t enough blog space to go through them all. If you’re happy with your solution then I would suggest you stick with it. But remember the mantra – you’re backup is only reliable if you can restore from it. So please [...]

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DaaS Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

The world is moving to the cloud, the advantages for small business are clear. Low start-up costs, little capital expenditure, flexibility & a set monthly price. These benefits are an attractive sell to any SME. So you can see why more business are moving their infrastructure to the cloud. One area in particular has grown [...]

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Synology NAS vs Dropbox

Forget dropbox, for flexible & reliable anywhere access for files & data we recommend the Synology NAS Diskstation range. We’ve recently installed the Synology Diskstation 414 for a local charity. They were previously heavy users of Dropbox, but wanted more scope & flexibility in the file sharing & access. We recommended the Synology Diskstation 414. [...]

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Solutions to Rural Broadband Problems

We often take our broadband services for granted. The ability to get on line anywhere is consider a basic human right. Businesses in particular, are far more inclined to push users to their website, offloading the costs of maintaining high street stores and expensive on page advertising. For those of us with a decent broadband [...]

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How Green is your IT? Saving money with refurbished IT

Green IT How are your Green credentials? We’re advocates of trying to cut our carbon footprints & we try to help our customers do that too. Technology today can help significantly, with virtualisation technology & low power usage servers in particular the HP Proliant range, you can significantly reduce your companies running costs. This is [...]

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Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is going to be huge, having learnt from the mistakes of Windows 8 Microsoft have developed a more cohesive look & feel with the familiarity of Windows 7 but some enhancements to where they envisage Windows 8 would lead us. The intention is still to deliver a single platform experience but where Windows [...]

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