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Stopping Ransomware in its tracks

Removal & recovery of ransomware can be laborious & often (depending on the encryption type) impossible to recover the data. Recent events with the NHS have highlighted how easy it is for a cyber-attack to bring down whole networks. However, you can take steps to protect yourself from the malicious software & recovering your data. [...]

Easy Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

The online marketplace can be brutal, especially if you’re relatively fresh to the concept of search engine optimisation (SEO). Google analytics has evolved to the point where the consistency of your web copy, the structural makeup of your site, and the organisation of relevant links are all scrutinised for your place in the search engine [...]

What Are The Risks To Your Home Security Network?

Big, corporate hacking scandals tend to dominate the news coverage of cyber-crime, but they’re only a very small part of this ongoing story. Home networks are also on a knife’s edge from digital insurgency, as a malicious techie can do all sorts of damage to your personal computer, data and file collections, covering their tracks [...]