Easy Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

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Easy Ways To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

The online marketplace can be brutal, especially if you’re relatively fresh to the concept of search engine optimisation (SEO). Google analytics has evolved to the point where the consistency of your web copy, the structural makeup of your site, and the organisation of relevant links are all scrutinised for your place in the search engine ladder.


Although Burwell IT has plenty of experience in professional web design, there are some tricks that anyone can pull off to get a higher SEO ranking. If you’re at a loss for how to climb above your competitors, we’ve got some advice that’s well worth heeding:


Adapt to your market


First of all, it’s wise to get a firm idea of who you’re appealing to, and what they might be searching for. You can tailor your website to audiences with specific needs or a particular location by using keywords that are relevant to your customers.


For instance, “electrician in Liverpool” is something that people in Merseyside may look for, instead of a generic “electrician” search. You’ll be competing with industry giants if you always go for the latter option, so pepper your copy with references to being a local service provider or retailer.


Site maps that make sense


When Google’s deciding how useful your website is, it employs a process called ‘crawling’. This is how bots sift through the routes your site can take to present information. If they’re meandering and filled with random results that don’t cohere, your search engine ambitions will quickly topple to dust.


Site maps tell Google what it needs to know, giving it a trajectory of links and layouts to analyse. Basically, the design of your site has to make sense, otherwise search engines will deem it too complicated or haphazard to get a handle on. Be sure that you have category pages to help users find out what you’re offering, and what the differences are between important aspects of your venture.


Blog, and take your time with it


The humble blog really isn’t so self-indulgent anymore – it’s a business tool in its own right. Entrepreneurs have cottoned onto the organic potential a blog can generate, as long as it’s professional and in keeping with your brand. A regular blogging schedule is your unfettered take on the latest developments in your market, new products around the corner, or insights that justify your ‘expert’ tag.


This is just an appetiser for how you can optimise your SEO status with a few pointers in the right direction. Whilst any of these tips can serve to boost a poor search engine ranking, it’s far preferable to have your site gleaming from the get-go with smooth site navigation and awesome content. Burwell IT is a cost-effective provider of optimised websites, building all the necessary blocks for your success. Check out our packages, or speak to us for more details on getting your dream website up and running.

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