How To Build A Global Business From The Comfort Of Your Office

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How To Build A Global Business From The Comfort Of Your Office

The world is more connected today than it has ever been; for small businesses that spells opportunity. Expansion into the prosperous markets of Asia, the Middle East and beyond were once grand dreams reserved only for multinational corporations. Now, a reasonable internet connection and a few carefully chosen resources are all that are needed to give start-ups the opportunity to ‘go global’.


Harnessing the power of the web has the potential to attract new clients and customers, further establish your brand and develop international contacts. Unsure of where to start? Here are a few tips to help you transform your business from a local hit into a global success:


1. Get connected with Voice-over-IP (VoIP)


VoIP services, such as Skype, have connected us with our families and distant relatives for some time now, but they have also become a valuable resource for business. Whether you use them through your PC or have VoIP phones installed in your office, the benefits are similar.


Extremely low-cost calls to international contacts, online conferencing and greater flexibility are just a few ways in which a VoIP system can connect your business with all four corners of the planet.


2. Set up shop with e-commerce


Online shopping is a booming industry, with UK shoppers spending on average £1,174 each during 2015. Targeting that market ten years ago would have meant handing over thousands of pounds to a team of web developers. Today, building an e-commerce site can be done in no time at all, and for a very small cost.


With companies like PayPal providing a universal payment platform for online shops, and eliminating currency conversion headaches, accessing the world market has never been simpler for an ambitious e-commerce business.


3. Consider outsourcing


When you’ve built a successful business from the ground up, relinquishing even a small amount of control can be daunting. However, outsourcing some areas of your business, such as IT support, has a number of advantages.


Take marketing, for example. In the age of minute-by-minute social media updates and endless email campaigns, maintaining an active online presence is incredibly time consuming. Outsourcing will not only ensure your message is heard all over the world, but will also allow you to spend more time on other areas of your business.


4. Welcome! Willkommen! 歡迎!


A global business should have a website that broadcasts your brand, products and services right across the world. However, only 10% of the world’s population speak English, so making your website available in a variety of popular languages can help build your international customer base. With free translation tools, it’s easy to increase your site’s accessibility.


Introducing your business to the world may seem like a daunting task at first, but with the power of the internet, we’re only a few clicks away from our neighbours. Expanding into new markets is both exciting and potentially lucrative, so follow these suggestions to get started on your global adventure and contact Burwell IT on 0333 121 4827 or emails for a helping hand.

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