SUCCES – a six step plan to make your presentations memorable

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SUCCES – a six step plan to make your presentations memorable

Why is it that some presentations stay with us for a long time, while others we can scarcely remember on the way back from the meeting?


The SUCCES format is taken from the excellent book ‘Made To Stick’ by Dan and Chip Heath, in which they identify the 6 factors that make something memorable.


It is really useful for preparing your presentations, as people are far more likely to absorb and remember your message if you follow these principles.


SUCCES stands for:


Simple: Keep your message as simple as you can by stripping your ideas down to the core message


Unexpected: Use surprise to grab people’s attention, then generate interest and curiosity by ‘violating people’s expectations’.


Concrete: Make your ideas clear through concrete examples, language and demonstrations


Credible: Stick ideas have to carry their own credentials by appealing to people’s logic and experience


Emotions: Make people feel something if you want them to care about your ideas or message


Stories: Motivate people to understand and act on your ideas by telling stories that people are likely to remember and even share.


Can you edit down your content so that it is more simple to grasp? Think about how you can create drama through surprising or arousing curiosity in your audience? Are there any props or stories that will help people to get your ideas? Have you included enough proof or evidence to make your ideas credible? Finally, are people likely to care? Can you make them feel something related to your message?


Next time you are planning your content, think about the SUCCES formula and see how you can apply these principles to make your presentation more likely to stick.


Caroline Hopkins is a presentations coach who offers 1-to-1 coaching for sales pitches and runs training workshops in the North West of England. Her clients include many brilliant presenters who were once nervous and rambling – until they learnt that effective pitching, like driving lessons, is a skill you learn so you can get somewhere. For further tips and ideas go to

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